Flights from Zurich to Tabatinga (ZRH to TBT)

There is one flight connection option available between Zurich and Tabatinga on Monday, 22nd April.

Flights departing on Monday, 22nd April

# Stops Duration Departure time Arrival time
Option #1 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Manaus, Brazil
24h 55 min 22:40 (10:40 pm)
22nd Apr
16:35 (4:35 pm)
23rd Apr

Option #1

Flight Zurich - Sao Paulo

Swiss International Air Lines international flight LX92 leaves Zurich at 22:40 (10:40 pm) and lands in Sao Paulo (Guarulhos), Terminal «3» at 05:25 (5:25 am). Flight duration is 11 hours 45 minutes.

Connection in Sao Paulo

Connection time in Sao Paulo, Guarulhos airport is 3 hours and 0 minutes (from 05:25 / 5:25 am, 23rd Apr to 08:25 / 8:25 am, 23rd Apr). Go from terminal «3» to terminal «2».

Flight Sao Paulo - Manaus

LATAM Airlines Group domestic flight LA3560 leaves Sao Paulo (Guarulhos), Terminal «2» at 08:25 (8:25 am) and lands in Manaus (Eduardo Gomes) at 11:15 (11:15 am). Flight duration is 3 hours 50 minutes.

Connection in Manaus

Connection time in Manaus, Eduardo Gomes airport is 4 hours and 30 minutes (from 11:15 / 11:15 am, 23rd Apr to 15:45 / 3:45 pm, 23rd Apr).

Flight Manaus - Tabatinga

Azul Brazilian Airlines domestic flight AD2683 leaves Manaus (Eduardo Gomes) at 15:45 (3:45 pm) and lands in Tabatinga at 16:35 (4:35 pm). Flight duration is 1 hours 50 minutes.

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